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Mise en Abîme Available for Purchase...!!!

Recent Press for Mise en Abîme:

"5 Stars! Required listening for the next generation."
Downbeat Magazine

"5 Stars! Mathematically measured and as raucous as a New York street."
The Guardian (UK)

"The most exciting music in jazz today....mesmerizing."
The Wall Street Journal

"Shimmering and stunning."
The BBC (UK)

"Ultramodern...a state-of-the-art musical thinker."
The New York Times

"Astonishingly musical...almost frighteningly complex and sublimely rewarding."
The Brooklyn Rail

"Otherworldly...the most singular art."

"Music that is fascinating and cerebral, but also appeals to the body"
Klasse Kampen (Norway)

" beyond jazz's frontier and daring anyone to catch up"
Something Else Reviews

"Nothing around that sounds like it...the latest edition of jazz"

"Something truly exceptional work of art."
All About Jazz

"A miracle? More or less."
All About Jazz Italy